New Students

1. New students may arrange a consultation and take a mini-trial lesson for free. This process assists both the teacher and the student in finding the most appropriate method of instruction.

2. New students may begin lessons at any time, and are not required to wait until the official beginning of a session.

3. Tuition charges do not cover the cost of materials.


Continuing Students

1. During registration periods, continuing students will receive an electronic invoice. Tuition fee should be mailed to the Studio by the given due date, to ensure placement in the studio.

2. Students who discontinue lessons during a session are still responsible for full payment of the session’s tuition.

3. Delinquency in payment of fees may result in suspension of class.

4. Tuition charges do not cover the cost of materials.


Attendance, Practice, Make Up Lessons

1.Regular attendance is expected of all students. Students are charged for all weeks for which they register including those missed through student absence. Notification of inability to attend class does not excuse payment.

2.Make-ups for private missed lessons will be offered if notified 24 hours in advance or in case of emergency. No make-up classes are provided for group lessons missed, unless there is another class offered at a different time, for the same age group.

3.In the event the instructor cancels a lesson, a make-up or credit will be offered.

4.Tardiness: Students who are late for a lesson cannot be guaranteed their full class time.


Withdrawals and Refunds

Due to the complexity of scheduling lessons, refunds are not available. Please take advantage of the free consultation and trial lesson/class, which offer opportunities to learn about the program, and the teacher.



The Studio reserves the right to cancel, postpone, combine or split lessons and groups, and to change time of classes. The entire payment will be refunded in the case of cancellation.

I certify that the student(s) is in good health and capable of participating in lessons.

I hereby release MY PIANO STUDY, INC., Martha Yelenosky, employees, representatives, agents and independent contractors from all liability for personal injury, illness or property loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly from Studio activities.

I agree to allow MY PIANO STUDY, INC. to take photographs / video / recordings of me or my child’s lessons for archival purposes and studio promotional use (names will be withheld).